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Network Consulting

Information Architecture Planning & Infrastructure Services.

Network Security

Digital & Physical Security Solutions.

Email Hosting

We provide a suite of messaging and collaboration tools that will give your business rich capabilities without the need to deploy and maintain hardware and software onsite.

Email Deliverability

We work with you to discover why your email is blocked and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Talent Management


Network Consulting & Security

We provide solutions for upgrading or replacement an existing networks!


We provide technology assessments, network topology, infrastructure planning, network security design, and implementation services.


We offer a wide range of network security services to organizations of all sizes that protect your entire network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. 

Email Hosting & Deliverability

As an experienced Google Apps & Office 365 consultant we’ve done this time and time again for companies over the years.


We are well-equipped with the resources and solutions needed to help your organization make its move to the Cloud in a cost-effective and efficient way. 


We’ve managed migrations and deployments on a project basis & provide ongoing services to manage an Office 365 Administration portal.


We provide organizations with cloud services and solutions that can transform your infrastructure and empower your business with a suite of solutions that are better suited for the growth of your company.

Talent Management

We provide Consulting & Management Services for Artists.


Tour Schedule Management


Strategy Consulting


Develop Press Kits


Biography Review


Press Release Writing


Social Media Consulting


Interview Scheduling